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Alice Cooks For You 

Alice Johnson loves to cook!  She also knows that you maybe do NOT love to cook, or that you don't have time, or are just really really tired right now, or you haven't thought about what to bring to that party on Saturday...  Don't worry, she'll take care of it.  Here's how it works.  


Just shoot Alice an email at alicecooksforyou@gmail.com and ask to get in on The Weekly Email.  Then each week you'll get a short note from Alice, listing the menu for that week.  There will be options.  An entree or two, snacks to bring to work or an event, something baked or something sweet.  Different sizes and prices.  Then you just place an order for any/all things that appeal to you and come pick it up in Williamsburg during the next pickup event.   (Limited delivery options available within Greenpoint and Williamsburg upon request).  It's like Seamless, but homemade!  It's like Blue Apron, without the work.  You're gonna like it.  

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